Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eat, drink & be merry

I love the sentiment.  It's from Amuse Studio.  What more can you ask for during the holidays but to do all three, especially in one sitting too.  I like the pattern paper from Martha Stewart a lot.  It makes me want to bake.  I'm so drawn to country-style items and I had to make a card with this paper when I first saw it.  I think I am a country girl at heart.  Anyway, I wanted the sentiment to pop so I layered it with the green pattern paper.  I notice that it does not match the green ivy.  Oh well.  I was trying to match the ink to the paper and I think I was focusing on that too much.  I still like the baking motifs too much to let the color differences bother me.  Speaking of baking, check out my mini apple pies below.  

I baked these mini apple pies for the first time and I love them.  I made them in my muffin pan.  It was a good way to get an apple pie fix without a whole pie to deal with.  Also, you can not get 12 slices out of a pie but you can get 12 pieces of pie in a muffin pan.  Love it!  I think I will do this from now on.  It's so easy to make the filling the day before and assemble the next day.  


Hoot, Hoot, Hurray for the Holidays!

I created these owl ornaments as gifts for my family.  I always handmade something for my family for the holidays, be it knitted hat, scarves or an ornament.  My husband is my biggest inspiration.  His handmade gifts are made out of wood and some of them are furniture.  Who can compete with that?!  Good thing I'm the recipient of some of his gifts.  
Back to the ornaments, my family are into owls, as am I.  I love the way they look and some of them are so adorable!  Though, I do not like the ones with complete black eyes.  They look possessed and creepy to me.  I would love to see one in the wild.  I have seen them at bird sanctuaries and have been fascinated by them.  It would make my day if I saw a real one in the wild.  Though I heard one in the middle of the night.  It was a Barred Owl because it had a distinctive call that sounds like this sentence, "Who.  Who. Who cooks for you?  Who cooks for you all?".  I remember this because it was the middle of the night in the summertime and we had our windows open.  I wake up to see my husband standing up in bed with his head pressed against the window and then asking him what he was doing.  I thought it was a pack of coyotes at first but then heard the difference.  That was the closest experience I had to witnessing an owl in the wild.  Anyway, this creation below was copied from another blogger, Jessica.  Here is the link to her site:

I did change the size of the owls and added googly eyes to them.  They are fun to make and sooooo darn cute!


O' Tannebaum

I like the traditional colors of this card for Christmas.  The Christmas trees were cutted out from a pattern paper.  The paper collection is from Recollections Jolly Jamboree 8.5"x11.5" paper pad.  I don't have a lot of pattern paper and have been limiting myself since I have a lot of color paper.  I love pattern paper, though.  I have recently allow myself to start looking at papercraft items and shopping for them.  I challenge myself to make the most of a collection so it is not laying around for ages.  I'm trying not to stockpile things and make use of what I have.  This is mainly due to the space I have and the allowance I give myself for crafts.  Also, I don't want to be hoarder.  I see clutter and it bugs me.  I recently have been making great efforts to clean up after a project before I start another one.  I know there are tools I will use again for my next project but a clean desk is so appealing to me that I take the extra time to clean up.  A clean desk makes me very happy.  Now if I can make the rest of house like that, then I might be in nirvana.  ;-) Anyway, back to the card, the background was made with a stamp wheel, Stampin' Around Time for A Tree.  I got this a long time ago from AC Moore craft store.  I've always had problems with stamping straight until I saw a youtube video on someone using it a stamp wheel.  I used Brilliance Ink Moonlight White and a ruler to keep the image lined up.  I used VersaMark ink to stamp random snowflakes on a green strip of paper.  I put a ribbon but you can see it was a knot adhere to the strip of ribbon.  I'm still trying to master ribbon tying and incorporating them more.  I layered the trees on a green cardstock and use my white gel pen to draw some lines for faux-stitching.  Overall, it's a cute card, plus, I like the vehicles with the trees.


Friday, December 28, 2012

A traditional Christmas

This card I made for my in-laws and they love it.  I used my Fiskars circle cutter again.  I had a gold mirror cardstock that I layered my blue circle on.  The nativity scene is one whole sticker and I got it from Michaels.  I used a gold ribbon and adhere it down on top of a strip of red and green paper to break up the card and give it more color.  The sentiment is a clear stamp from the Inkadinkado Christmas Season stamp set.  I bend the sentiment stamp on the block to arch it over my circles.  I really like the way this card turned out.  I built this card around the sticker.
This one below is my husband's absolute favorite so, I gave him this one for Christmas.  The Christmas tree is a sticker from Walmart's Holiday Time.  The pattern paper is from the Recollections Home for the Holiday 4.5"x6.5" paper pad.  I just layered it with red, white and green cardstock.  It has a Victorian feel to it.  I kept it simple inside the card too with the same layering, except the white cardstock is on top so I can write on it.

I drag out one of my stencils and light box to make this card below.  I love this stencil and have not use it in ages.  I have not dry-emboss in awhile too and it took a couple of tries to get it just right.  This card has a classic look to it.  I like the dry-emboss look.  It's simple elegance.

READ MORE ... them!

I've recently discover Kristina Werner and all her youtube videos.  I love watching her videos.  She is so talented and has inspired me.  I used one of her key signature techniques in these cards - faux stitching.  This one was the first one of the series that I made and you can see how it evolved a little.  I love mittens.  I just think they are so cute.  I used Recollections Jolly Jamboree 8.5"x11.5" Paper Pad for all the pattern papers in these cards.  I used my Fiskars circle cutter to cut these circles.  There is a learning curve to using it but I am getting the hang of it.  I did not have a mitten stamp or punch so I drew a mitten on the pattern paper and  made a template.  I made sure that this template fits this pattern paper since they look like hand-knitted mittens.  I used Martha Stewart's lace doily border punch on both side of a white cardstock strip to break up the card.  I used black letter stickers from the dollar store.  I don't normally use letter stickers on my cards but after visiting other blogs, I am trying to use them more.  I normally stamp a sentiment.

I felt that white letters would be better so I got some from Michaels and they were perfect for this card.  I put some bling on and it looked just right with the white letters.  

 My husband like the red plaid more so I made another one with the red pattern paper but combining the two cards' designs.  I love these cards and enjoy making them so much.  The one below is my favorite of them all.  I liked the pattern on mittens, especially the cuffs.


My wreath

I made two wreaths this year from a spare tree on a Christmas lot.  We found a new Christmas tree lot.  It's so nice to pick out a tree and make a family event again.   Here is the wreath on my door.  It was nice to make one again.  I also made the bow.  It was based on what I remembered from last year's bow making attempts.  It looks pretty good with the wreath.  I wonder if it will survive for next year.


'Tis the season to be crafting and making treat boxes

Besides making cards, I've been busy creating a lot of treat boxes for holiday parties and gifts.  Most of the boxes I made below are from a Stampin' Up class I took.

Here is a simple one that I filled with chocolate for the big family party.  I made more than 25 of these.

Here are some of the varieties I made with different color paper and the borders.  They had a nice sale at Michaels and the Martha Stewart borders were perfect for these little treat boxes.  Everybody loved them.

Here is another treat box I made with a personal touch.  They were for a smaller gathering and were filled with chocolate made locally.  The stamp and pattern paper were from Martha Stewart.  It is a neat stamp set that lets me personalize the stamp along with other holiday sentiments.  I use these boxes as place holders.  And of course, they were a big hit.

These boxes I enlarged from the original size I learned how to make.  I needed them to fit the owl ornaments that I made.  The dimensional stickers are from Walmart and the pattern paper is from Amuse Studio.

This flat-back treat box I learned to make from a youtube video: 

I love watching her videos. Tanya has such a great accent.  I could listen to her all day.  Anyway, I placed chapsticks in these boxes for my nieces but I know that fun-size chocolate bar fits in them too.  They make a good place holder gift too if you personalize them.  The Chrysanthemum flower was also made following a youtube video:

I used pattern paper from Amuse Studio and a sentiment stamp from My Sentiment Exactly.  I had a plain brad from an office store and add a pearl on the brad to dress it up.  I love them.  They are so beautiful and the pearl just makes it so elegant to me.


Happy Holidays....

This snowflake is from Stampin' Up The Snowflake Spot set.  I think this set is retired.  I recently found a local Stampin' Up demonstrator and I am so excited to finally be able to craft with other people.  It's so nice to find people who has the same interest.  Yes, people who would get excited over the blings on this card.  I love gemstones and I can not get enough of them.  Now I find a card is missing something if it doesn't have some bling.  What girl doesn't like her blings?!  I cut out the snowflake by hand.  No die cut machine so everything is old school.  I know, I am behind the times.  That's what happens when life happens.  Anyway, back to the card, the sentiment is from All Night Media and the pattern paper is from Amuse Studio.  The blue lace-like band is punched out from a Martha Stewart punch on both side of a strip of paper.  They look so pretty.  I want to put them around cupcakes to give it that elegant look when I first try this.   

This wreath card is very simple to make.  The wreath is a sticker from Walmart's own Holiday Time brand.  I got a new Martha Stewart lace border punch and could not wait to put it on my card.  I love how it goes with the red plaid pattern paper (Recollections Jolly Jamboree 8.5"x11" paper pad).  It is a classic combination to me.  I think of little girls all dressed up for Christmas in their red plaid dresses with lace trims.  The ribbon is from Amuse Studio but I think you can get them at any craft stores or online.

This is also another simple card to make.  I punched out the red border and adhere it to the green card.  It was an EK Success punch.  I love this shade of red and green together.  I tied a gold ribbon and put the wreath sticker on the knot.  One of my favorite cards and it was so simple.  I have been so pressed for time that for a long time, all I made were simple cards.  They were the ones I was drawn to the most.  Now I don't feel as pressured to make cards and see it as more of a hobby to relax with.  I used to make different cards for everyone in my family.  The pressure of coming up with a different card was insane.  Now I don't sweat it as you can see.

 Another Walmart sticker creation.  The sentiment is from Amuse Studio.  This is my least favorite card of all.  It needs something despite the bling.  ;-)  It was simple to say the very least.

The sentiment is from the Inkadinkado Christmas Season clear stamps set and I'm not sure where the Santa stamp is from.  It was part of a wooden set.  I cut out a white cardstock to give it a snow hill and dimension. The pattern paper is from the Recollections Jolly Jamboree 8.5"x11" inch paper pad.

This card was a simple punch out border and stickers from Walmart.  Stickers make it so easy to put a card together, though I think it needs something.  Sometimes I just move on or I will be stuck staring at a card to make it better and sometimes it is not for the better.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas waterfall card

I have recently been surfing the blog world of crafters and I am impressed by the talents out there.  I have a newfound appreciation for all the blogger all there.  I am so inspired by the blogs that I recently discovered, as well as, all the youtube video.  I could only say, "WOW, amazing!".  Here is a card that I learned to make from a youtube video on waterfall cards.    If you do a search, you will find tons of video out there.  All the images are from Amuse Studio including the pattern paper.  I love so many of their stamps.  They are so cute!  The large sentiment is Hero Arts Time to Enjoy stamp.  I apologize that some of the images are not the best.  I'm still playing with lighting and angle.  


Hoo's Birthday Card is this?!

This step card was made for a special little boy who loves owls.  It is the first time that I made a side step card and it was a big hit.  He loves it!

The cupcake pattern paper is from DCWV the Sweet with Glitter 4.5x6.5 matstack.  The cake and sentiment are stamps from Printworks.  The owls are stamps from G Studio.  I changed the speech bubble to say, "YUM!" and also, the eyes to look up at the cake.  The number seven was handcut and ran through a crimper.

A Get Well Card

The dog stamp is from Personal Stamp Exchange (PSX).  I love this image but it is tough one to stamp just right and color.  The pattern paper is from DCWV Flower Shower Spring 4.5"X6.5" matstack.  The sentiment is from TPC Studio Greetings clear stamps set.

Going back to Halloween....

I'm going back as far as Halloween.  I feel like there should be one of those sound effects that take you back into time.  Anyway, I made a Black Bird and an owl costume.  The Black Bird from Angry Bird costume was easy to make.  Everything was made from felt.  The face was copied from an image on a notebook.  I used cans to make circle shapes for the eyes.  Everything else is drawn on the felt and cut out.  The hat was from the dollar store.  I cut a slit at the top of the hat to place a rolled up black felt topped with yellow felt for the crest.  The owl costume was done by sewing a feather boa onto the front of a brown long sleeve shirt.  The wings were inspired by Martha Stewart's owl costume.    I cut three different colored felt to fit the size of the shirt and scalloped them.  I also sew little detail on the wings and then  I used fabric glue to adhere them together.  I sew the wings on the shirt.  I found an owl visor at Michaels so it worked as a mask.  They loved them!  It was fairly easy to put together too - a big plus for me.