Thursday, December 27, 2012

Going back to Halloween....

I'm going back as far as Halloween.  I feel like there should be one of those sound effects that take you back into time.  Anyway, I made a Black Bird and an owl costume.  The Black Bird from Angry Bird costume was easy to make.  Everything was made from felt.  The face was copied from an image on a notebook.  I used cans to make circle shapes for the eyes.  Everything else is drawn on the felt and cut out.  The hat was from the dollar store.  I cut a slit at the top of the hat to place a rolled up black felt topped with yellow felt for the crest.  The owl costume was done by sewing a feather boa onto the front of a brown long sleeve shirt.  The wings were inspired by Martha Stewart's owl costume.    I cut three different colored felt to fit the size of the shirt and scalloped them.  I also sew little detail on the wings and then  I used fabric glue to adhere them together.  I sew the wings on the shirt.  I found an owl visor at Michaels so it worked as a mask.  They loved them!  It was fairly easy to put together too - a big plus for me.

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