Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Reason

I thought I document most of my creations on a blog.  It will be easy to find later on for me and to refer people if they want to know more about it.  The title says it all.  Not all my creations are great.  I do spend a lot of time deciding on color and what goes together well.  Though, everything is made easier with kits these days.  I am learning as I go in the world of crafts.  I enjoy papercrafting a lot and they are the most satisfying to make since they are quick.  I have been busy making a lot of holiday items, not so much cards though.  I will try to post most of them and hopefully catch up on my latest projects.


  1. I found this blogg on the Valatie library page. I am enjoing your creationg and I feel that we have alot in common. I will look for another class of yours at the library so we could meet. Thanks for posting. Im on Facebook Im tring to shorten the name is was easy for me to remember but to long.

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog and your comment. It's nice to meet other crafters in the area. I'm slowly finding more people interested in papercrafting so it is very exciting for me to share my interest with local crafters. Hope we will meet up soon.


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