Friday, December 28, 2012

'Tis the season to be crafting and making treat boxes

Besides making cards, I've been busy creating a lot of treat boxes for holiday parties and gifts.  Most of the boxes I made below are from a Stampin' Up class I took.

Here is a simple one that I filled with chocolate for the big family party.  I made more than 25 of these.

Here are some of the varieties I made with different color paper and the borders.  They had a nice sale at Michaels and the Martha Stewart borders were perfect for these little treat boxes.  Everybody loved them.

Here is another treat box I made with a personal touch.  They were for a smaller gathering and were filled with chocolate made locally.  The stamp and pattern paper were from Martha Stewart.  It is a neat stamp set that lets me personalize the stamp along with other holiday sentiments.  I use these boxes as place holders.  And of course, they were a big hit.

These boxes I enlarged from the original size I learned how to make.  I needed them to fit the owl ornaments that I made.  The dimensional stickers are from Walmart and the pattern paper is from Amuse Studio.

This flat-back treat box I learned to make from a youtube video: 

I love watching her videos. Tanya has such a great accent.  I could listen to her all day.  Anyway, I placed chapsticks in these boxes for my nieces but I know that fun-size chocolate bar fits in them too.  They make a good place holder gift too if you personalize them.  The Chrysanthemum flower was also made following a youtube video:

I used pattern paper from Amuse Studio and a sentiment stamp from My Sentiment Exactly.  I had a plain brad from an office store and add a pearl on the brad to dress it up.  I love them.  They are so beautiful and the pearl just makes it so elegant to me.

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