Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stampscapes = great masculine cards

I have been wanting to use these stamps again for awhile.  I'm a big fan of Stampscapes.  I took a class with Kevin, the owner and creator of Stampscapes, a long time ago and he is wonderful.  He makes it look so easy too.  I recently looked him up on youtube and it bought back great memories of my class with him.  His  videos are so helpful, especially if you are like me, who no longer remember things as well.  I love making these type of cards for guys.  When I showed this to my husband, he was admiring it.  This type of card is so him, filled with the beauty of nature that he loves.  These are the stamps that I turn to when I want to make a card for him.      
Stampscapes stamps are designed to fit well together without any masking most of the time.  I did not mask anything.  I just eyeball everything and stamped.  The most time consuming part of this card was the layer of colors added to give this night scene.  I used to shy away from making a lot of these cards because they take a long time coloring.  Now I find it soothing and try not to rush the process as much.  This was all stamped on glossy paper so the color laid on is with dye-based ink.  Basically the picture below is all the materials you need along with glossy paper and card base.  I highly recommend that you watch his videos to make this type of card.  It's much easier than reading instructions.   

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