Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Jonathan Adler post-it card

My niece gave me a Jonathan Adler post-it set.  I love the colors and the messages so I decided to use it in my card.  I have to admit that I like it so much that I did not want to open it.  I wanted to keep it all pretty in its package.  Anyway, I thought it would make a neat thank you card for my niece.  It was fun to make since I was trying to incorporate all the post-its it came with.  On a side note, I felt like a country bumpkin when both of my nieces told me that Jonathan Adler is a famous designer.  Thank goodness for my nieces for trying keep me somewhat trendy and maybe chic.  :-)  
I played around with the layout and then thought about what I want the post-its to say.  I had a white, 4.25 square card base and added a blue textured background paper.  I left most of the post-its as is but added "everyday" check box since I would love to do crafts everyday.  :-) I used stickers and sentiment stamps on the post-its depending on the message.  I love the "To Do" arrow pointing to "SMILE" and in the "NOTE TO SELF" is "Happiness is chic".  I cut up the stamp "Happy now, Happy forever" so I could stamp "Happy forever" in my post-its.  I want to fit both sentiments in, but couldn't due to space.  I think it still works despite that.  I embellished with butterflies and a flower after I drew my dash lines.  The only thing to make note of  about this card is that the post-it adhesive was fighting with my permanent adhesive so, have the card under something heavy first to hold it down before adding the dimensional embellishments. 

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