Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Balloon Tags Thank You Card

I got this awesome card from my niece.  I love getting cards from her.  They are always unique and definitely her style.  I had to share it on my blog.  
I love how she used the tags.  They look like balloons to me and sooooo cool.  I love it!  I always love her sense of color and how everything comes together.  The washi tape, OMG, I absolutely love it!  She said it was from a company called, "mt".  I have to get me some of that or something similar.  It makes me want to play with my washi tape now.  I rarely ever use kraft paper but I really should play more with that for a neutral palette and for gender neutral cards too.  I'm inspired as always by my niece.  She's so talented and it seems so effortless for her.  Only if she lived closer, we can craft together all the time.  :-)      

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