Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Treats for my sweethearts on Valentine's Day

I know Valentines's Day is over but I wanted to share and remember these treats that I made for the sweethearts in my life.  It has been a super-duper busy week and a half.  Now I am home free until St. Patrick's day.   YAY! 
I made these little cards for my boys' lunch boxes.  It was using stickers and a white gel pen for the cover.  I love giving a card with a treat to my little guys.  Though their parties for that day trumped my card and treat, I still wanted to do a litle something for them at school.  I need to REPRESENT!  Yes, it's all about being represented!  And yes, I've being listening a little too much hip hop.  :-)  
We'll start with desserts.  A little of everything chocolate for my guys - brownies, chocolate-dipped strawberries and handmade chocolate hearts. 

Their favorite food, pizza and it was easy to make it into a heart shape one.

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