Monday, March 4, 2013

Organizing Punches

I decided to organize my punches in an album.  Ever since my boys start to use more of my craft tools, I feel this need to organize my craft room more.  This is mainly because not everything gets put back in the right place.  Also, I am starting to forget what I have.  I know that it's so, so sad.  I use to pride myself on my excellent memory.  It really comes in handy, especially during an argument with my husband. LOL!  ;-)  After I had children, my memory is not as good as it used to be.  It might be why I'm taking to documenting everything and organizing things more.  Another surprising find, is that now I can take an image, especially a clear stamp image and see which circle punch works well with it.  I have this punch catalog in my folder with the ink pads catalog.  
I took each punch-out from the punches and stuck them onto a black cardstock.  I punch the paper once and left the edges so I can see how many inches of paper I need to completely punch the image out.  This works great with edge punches since I now know how much paper it needs.  For punches that have multiple punch-outs, I took the outline instead to display.  Besides punches, I also took my alphabet set die-cut and cut out some letters, numbers and shapes it came with.  Now I know if that is the font and size I want for my project.
I try to group them together by theme.  I used my corner punches to show what it punches out too.  This little project of mine ended up being put to good use when I had guests over to craft.  Now they point to the punches they want to use and I could get it out easier.  This also works with my boys too.  I'm loving this idea of mine.

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