Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Felt Mask Cut on Silhouette Cameo

I'm in the midst of making Halloween costumes.  My son wanted a mask and normally, I would find a template or draw one and trace it onto felt and cut it out.  Even though most of project came out looking okay, I wonder if I could it be more precise and crisp looking.  Well, I found this video of cutting felt on a Silhouette Cameo.  When I went to her blog, I found these awesome superhero masks that were perfect for what I was going to do.  I got her template and used the trace tool in the Silhouette Studio on the mask I wanted, and changed it to what my son wanted.  He really just wanted a plain mask so I grabbed the Spiderman mask and remove all the web.  I used her settings: speed of 3, thickness of 33, fabric blade setting of 10 and double-cut checked.  I ended up creating a custom setting of felt for me to use later without having to look this all up.

Halloween Felt Mask Cut from Silhouette Cameo
I ironed on the interface, Pellon 805 (Wonder Under), onto the black felt before sticking it onto the mat. 
You  can see that the Cameo did cut on the felt, but it did not cut completely due to the interface that was bonded to the felt.  I might try to run it through again next time to see if it cuts through completely.   It was not hard to snip the parts where it was not cut completely.  I just folded the cut edges and use my fabric scissors to cut the mask out where it was still stuck.  I finished the mask by sewing on the elastic to the mask.  Overall, the mask came out nicely, possibly nicer than my own traditional methods.  This would be great if I had a superhero party and have to whip up a lot of masks.  I did get some felt on my sticky mat which meant that my paper did not stick as well in those spots.  This may be a relief for some people who did not like how sticky it was but for me, I like my mat the way it was.  I actually ran the part of the mat where the felt was under the sink and was able to remove the fuzz and whatever that was on my mat.  I used only water and now my mat is back to being sticky again after drying overnight.

Back of mask to see what did not cut through completely.

Bending at the cutting points and snipping with my scissors
Here is the quick snapshot of the full costume with mask and all.  He actually tried on the whole costume without me prompting him to.  I am so happy to see him excited about it too.

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