Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hoo's The Coolest Kid? Birthday Card

Pop-Up Birthday Card With Fan and Stampin'Up Owl
I try to practice proper English or something close to it, most of the time.  Yes, I am one of those people who buys grammar books, and read them every now and then.  I'm sure that if an English teacher read this blog, he/she would cringe.  Sorry about that.  I write what I think, and it doesn't always come out in the right way, and grammar was my worst subject.  Anyway, I have been noticing that more and more people are using nouns as verbs.  Our family called this type of speech, "nouning it".  :-)  As though, regular English is not hard enough to grasp, people are throwing in their own variations, and once it gets in the mainstream, nobody knows what is proper anymore.  It makes it tough when you are trying to teach your children the English language.  Though, my kids did get a kick out of us giving examples of "nouning it".  They thought it sounded ridiculous.  Mind you, they are currently studying parts of a sentence and grammar.  I know that languages evolve, and some words are so commonly used, that it becomes incorporated into the English language eventually.  I find it
interesting and fascinating how that occurs.  Well, here is something that happened by accident the other

morning when I was super tired.  I said to my son, "Let's go breakfast".  My son, who never misses a beat, repeat what I said and laughed hysterically.  Who knows?   It may become the phrase to use from here on and out.  :-)  Anyway, you will find that I like corny sayings, especially in my cards.  My sons enjoy them and my play on words is right up their alley, especially since they're of that age group.  This card is for one of my son who loves owls and fans, which is why you find all these elements in one card.

I downloaded from the Silhouette Store a pop-up birthday card (#6744) and cut out the design for the inside of the card.  It came out great, minus one little minor issue with one of the letter missing a cut.  AND it's only 50 cents due to the Silhouette birthday celebration sale.  I'm loving the pop-up cards.  I layered this onto a deeper blue cardstock to show the contrast of the interior.  I used pattern paper from My Mind's Eye Moments 6x6 pad to cover the front of the card and decorate the cake and candles.  To make this fan, I found this blog that featured this fan card and not only does she direct you to the original template from Papercrafts magazine for the fan, she also has the file you can download for your Silhouette Studio to recreate the card.  How awesome, is that?!  Anyway, I cut out my fan parts after I re-size everything to fit my card.  Here is my tip to beginners, like me, for sizing a design for a card: draw a 4.25"x5.5" rectangle or whatever size your card is in Silhouette Studio and place the design image in it to see what it looks like and re-size accordingly.  I love that technique for getting the sizing just right, especially, since I am what you call "spatially-challenged".  LOL!  After I glue everything down onto the front of the card, I punch out an owl with Stampin' Up owl punch and cut out two wings.  I use the curve side of the interior of the owl to create the wing.  Then I drew some squiggle lines on the breast of the owl to give it some feathers with a white gel pen and gray-colored pencil.  I used the yellow glaze pen to draw in a beak.  Then I stamped a speech bubble from Doodlebug Design and wrote in the sentiment after I cut it out.  To finish the card, I used foam adhesive to place both the snowy owl and speech bubble onto the front of the card.    

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  1. Oh WOW !! this is FAB Linda :-) such a cute owl and I love the fan and sentiment ! such a hoot !! :-)I need to go and get me the pop up too ! I totally LOVE this :-)

    thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge
    Lols x x x

    1. Thanks for the great comment! It totally made my day! :-) It was so much fun to make and I absolutely love pop-up cards. Enjoy!


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