Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fresh Out Of the Oven!

Lately, my kitchen is seeing more of me than my craft room.  Let the holiday baking begin!  (I just finished listening to the Hunger Games audiobook series during my holiday prep)  I am thinking about cutting a lot of my containers on the Silhouette while I am baking.  :-)  Can't take the papercrafter out of me.  I'm having fun baking a variety of cookies and my family is enjoying the taste test activities too.  Some of the cookies I make, I have to put away as soon as they are cooled or they might not make it as gifts.  :-)  When I saw this oven cupcake box from Silhouette online store, I had to get it!  It is just adorable!  As I was assembling them, I couldn't help but think of my sister-in-law.  I know that she would have loved it as much as I do.  I would have been so excited to give it to her, just to see her expression.  She loved getting handmade things and has a great appreciation of them.  She was the best!  Anyway, I was very excited when I was making them and couldn't wait to give them away just so I can see people's reaction.  How cute are these?!
After watching the video from Lori Whitlock on how to assemble the oven cupcake box, I went to town and cut them out with my Silhouette.  I found that my tape glider and red double sided tape worked the best for attaching everything together.
It took some time to assemble, but it is so worth it.  I used red and green cardstock for the holidays but I will use this for birthdays too.  I used holiday brads to match my paper too.  OMG, how cute are these?!  
I did not cut the inner cupcake holder since I was putting some cookies that I wrapped up in cellophane inside instead of a frosted cupcake.  I cut a little off the side flap so that it would be easier to close.  Okay, I have to say it again.  This is soooo stinking cute! :-)

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