Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple Chinese New Year Decorations

I focus so much on the American holidays that the one important holiday in my culture, Chinese New Year, always get bypassed in my household.  I didn’t make any special Asian dishes to celebrate, until recently.  So, never mind decorating for Chinese New Year.  Yes, I am Americanized, through and through.  As a matter of fact, I remember getting questions like, “What are you?” and the first thing that pops in my head is, “What do you mean?!  I’m me…Linda”.  Honestly, that question should not even be asked in that form but I have gotten it so much that I gotten used to it.  Anyway, it seems so easy to celebrate the American holidays for me; even though I grew up celebrating the Asian holidays.  Through my mother and family, my boys got exposed to the Asian culture and cuisine, so I never bother putting much effort into Chinese New Year.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to celebrate Chinese New Year at my house, and it was mainly because I had a funny conversation where the boys vehemently denied that they had Asian heritage.  It was too funny, since I actually had to ask, “Am I your Mommy?”  :-D  I felt that I better expose them more to the Asian culture and right away.  To start, I read the book, Dumpling Days,by Grace Lin, which lead to the whole series.  This really helped my boys appreciate the Asian culture and cuisine.  Anyway, since I don’t live near a Chinatown, I felt I should try to make some Chinese New Year’s decorations with my Silhouette Cameo.  Since it is the year of the horse coming up, I wanted a horse in my decorations; as well as some Asian characters.  Just in time, since Chinese New Year is on Friday.  I know, I am cutting it close. Happy Chinese New Year!

I drew a circle and offset it so that it fit a 12x12 page.  I made circles a compound path so that it can weld the horse from Silhouette Online Store and sentiment together.  The font I used for the sentiment was Wonton.  I know... seriously, wonton.  J
The pictures below were challenging to take since everything was reflecting off the paper.  They look a lot better in person.

 For the Chinese characters, I wanted them to hang vertically.  I wanted red with gold and this mirror gold paper was perfect for this project.  In fact, these signs look like the kind you would find in an Asian market.  Love, love my Silhouette!

This is entered in Silhouette Weekly Challenge.

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  1. Next year, let's do Chinese New Year decorations at one of the Library paper crafting classes. I had to order mine from Amazon. They are wonderful, and you know I will never do them on my own. Elizabeth


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