Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentine's Day Bookmarks

For Valentine’s Day, the boys usually have to bring in some valentines for their school friends.  Every year we try to think of something fun for them to do.  This year I knew I wanted to do something with my Cameo.  I thought to try the print and cut feature out.  I just watch this quick video of what to do and I was all set to go.  YouTube is a wealth of information and ever so helpful in teaching me how to use my Silhouette Cameo.  Love it!  I created bookmarks that matched the boys’ interests using Silhouette Studio.  They came out so awesome!  The boys did all the stamping and putting the finishing touches on the bookmarks.  Now that I played a little with the print and cut feature of the Cameo, I feel the possibilities are endless, even more so than before.  

I used the stitching bookmarks from Silhouette Online store and removed the shapes on them.  I used the font penmanship and wrote out the sentiment.  I created them separately so I can color them different colors for each line of text.  I measured the stamp I was going to use for each bookmark and size the bookmark to fit the stamps.  I clicked on the scissor icon to make sure that only the bookmark is cut and not my sentiments.  Also, I made sure the registration mark was checked, and that my bookmarks were well within the marks before I printed the bookmarks out.

The owl stamp is from Stampendous and the fan stamp is from Studio G.  After cutting them out, the boys just went to town and stamp everything.  Then it was time for ribbons.  I love the way they came out!

This is entered in Silhouette Weekly Challenge.

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  1. Both book marks are very clever!

  2. Super cute! The print and cut is one of my favorite features :)


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