Sunday, June 29, 2014

Copic Markers Organization and Blending Trials

 I find that lately, I have been taking the time to explore and learn more about coloring, especially with markers.  So I would color without any projects in mind to see what colors work well together.  I have gotten some Copic markers for my birthday to enhance my Bic and Sharpie permanent markers since I needed some in-between colors for shading.  The three different type of markers seem to blend well together, surprisingly.  Below is a close-up image of one of my coloring trials.  The stamped image is from My Favorite Things Everyday is a Picnic set.  Love this sweet adorable girl!  I will have a project featuring her soon.

Anyway, I store my Copic markers in a Copic 72 Wallet Case that I got from Amazon.  I like that I can travel easily with them and I can display them like this for me to quickly find.  I don't want to go beyond 72 markers and have been using my other markers like Bic and Sharpie to complete my coloring needs.  I know eventually I will get the other colors since I can not refill the Bic and Sharpies, but for now they are serving their purpose.  Yes, Copics are an investment and I like that they have refills and a brush tip.  Though I am curious about Spectrum Noirs since they are cheaper.  I might get a pack in a color that I do not have and do a comparison some time.
Below you will see that I keep my coloring trials in a binder, so that I can refer back to see what worked and what didn't.  I also keep extra images on hand when I know I have a long wait somewhere.   I bring my makers and this binder along to color.  Lately, I don't have the time, but I just want to color or do something crafty.  This system seem to work for me now.  It takes the pressure off of having to make something.  Anyway, I use Memento black ink to stamp all the images onto mixed media paper from a pad for the trials. 
Below is more trials of blending, I am still learning how to blend better with the colors I have.

In the same binder, I created swatches of all my markers and placed them in the similar color family.  I did not include Distress inks, since I use them differently.  I find that I use this quite a bit when deciding on what color combinations to try.

Before I created the swatches, I printed the free Copic Hand Color Chart and color in the markers I had. I also did this for the Bics and Sharpie markers.  I do refer to this page if one of my markers are misplaced.  Yes, my son have discovered that he likes using these markers to blend.  YIKES!  LOL!  I'm being a good girl and sharing.  :-D 

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