Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 9 of Stretch Your Stamps 2 class: Happy Birthday

On Day 9 of Stretch Your Stamps 2 class, we focused on floral stamps.  Sorry for a late post.  I was under the weather and all I wanted to do was stay in bed.  Anyway, I admire bloggers who post everyday.  You probably notice how lean my posts are lately.  It's the only time I can spare, especially in the summer.  Any whoo, for this card, I tried a technique of Dawn from WPlus9 and I have to tell you that I am a big fan of hers, if you don't know that already from all my other watercolor posts.  I swear she comes up with the best and fun techniques that are easy to do, but looks complicated.  I only recently discovered her, and she is so much fun and her videos are great too.

Okay, back to the card.  I have to admit that when I first stamped this out, it looked like a hot mess.  It wasn't until I scribbled on some lines that it looked good.  I had so much fun with this, eventhough my flower is so make-believe.  LOL!  That's the beauty of it.  Funny thing is that this is the type of stationeries that I am drawn to in the stores.  I noticed when I was editing this that the sentiment was little crooked.  :( Oh well.  Eyes are getting old.  :-P

Another thing, I had not worked with matte cardstock in ages.  I have forgotten how vivid the colors can be and how nicely my pen glides on.  These classes are the best!  Just simply for the fact that I am rekindling my love of certain products in my stash.

-Stretch Your Stamps 2 online class

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