Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happiest Birthday

You probably noticed, but I took a little break, not only from blogging but from all electronics.  Yes, that meant no instagram, pinterest or any social media, smart phone and computer usage.  Honestly, it was good to do one of the things that I love, reading a book, the old-fashioned way.  Holding one and/or using my phone to hold the pages open while I munch on lunch is what I used to do all the time.  I wanted my boys to see me reading not just online, and it was not hard, especially since I found a good series of books.  I'm one of those people who find it very hard to put down a good book.  I have to finish it.  No matter what.  Dishes and laundry can wait.  Dinner...whatever is in the fridge.  Yup, my house is a war zone again.  :-D  It wasn't until yesterday that I started posting again.  Yes, I just finished a book and waiting for another.  I also made another card that CASEd Donna Mikasa's card on day 6 of Stretch Your Stamps 2 class.
I love this stamp from Stampendous and I can not get enough of Distress ink.  I love the way it reacts with water.
I'm really into flicking water or ink onto my cards.  It's fun and it add that little something something.  Ha! :-)

-Stretch Your Stamps 2 online class

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