Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Play Day of Stretch Your Stamps 2 class: Thank You!

On the last day of Stretch Your Stamps 2 class, the focus was on the same stamp used different ways.  I love the card that Jennifer McGuire made and decided to CASE it.  I have to admit that I love the look of embossed images but I don't like to heat emboss.  My heat gun gets super hot, and I am afraid of getting burn, or melting something  accidentally, or worst yet, burning somebody.  Yes, I've done all three at one point  :-p. I did follow some tips to help with that, and it definitely made this card not as scary.  Silly, right?!  I ended up using a shoebox cover as my holder, and that made it less painful, especially since I had a lot of powder to melt and multiple times.  I even got out all my embossing powder and have my heat gun on my table all ready to go now.   Here are my attempts and I have to admit that Jennifer makes it look so easy.  I found out quickly that I needed a lot more practice with melting embossing powder.  
 I was surprised to see the blue embossing powder blend right in with the silver.  I love this color blue.
 The one below is my first attempt.  YIKES!  My desk had embossing powder all over the place.  I know.  So amateur hour, here.  :-D  Hey, that's why I'm taking this learn.  :-)

-Stretch Your Stamps 2 online class

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