Friday, December 19, 2014

Using A Sizzix Magnetic Platform With My Fiskars Fuse

I'm taking a break from holidays stuff and playing with an early Christmas present, the Sizzix Magnetic Platform, I gave to myself.  I have my Fiskars Fuse for almost two years and I love it.  It is big, but I bought it big for the big dies and with quilting and scrapbooking in mind.  I got the Fiskars Fuse for Christmas and bought the adapter kit for it so I can use the other dies.  I have to admit that I have not bought or use Fiskars dies since the unboxing.  I made some cards with the die that came with it, but that has been it.  Bad, huh?!  But can you blame me when there are so many other cool dies out there to try AND I needed basic stacks, like circle dies, which Fiskars did not have.  Anyway, I got to use the Big Shot when I took some classes and I love the platform they used, that is all in one.  When the magnetic platform came out from Sizzix, I longed for Fiskars to come out with one, as well as, clear plates to see if anything shifted during the cranking.  I have been hesitant in experimenting with other brand's plates because it was my precious Fiskars Fuse, and I don't want my projects to get stuck in the machine.  Since I have been using the Fiskars Fuse for two years, I have a feel of when the "sandwich recipe" works, so I am a little braver in trying another brand's plates.  Anyway, recently, I saw the magnetic platform on sale(50% off online), and I searched to see if anyone used it with their Fiskars Fuse before I bought it.  I found only one in a comment and of course, I don't always believe everything I read on the Internet, so I thought I give it a try myself.
Using Sizzix Magnetic Platform And Cutting Plates With Fiskars Fuse
I used the Sizzix magnetic platform with Sizzix plates(A10801) on my Fiskars Fuse and it works!  Yay!

***A word of caution, I heard that different machines have different pressure and luckily, my Fiskars Fuse has just the right amount of pressure to fit the Sizzix magnetic platform with 2 Sizzix plates sandwich along with my cardstock and die.  This worked for my machine but I would proceed with caution if you want to try this out on your Fiskars Fuse.  It took me almost two years to try out another brand, after having a feel of what sandwich recipe worked, I braved it and I am so happy that I did.  I also feed my sandwich at an angle which makes it less jarring when you run it through and also, it feeds nicer too.  Below is a video of my test.  Enjoy!

Now I can see where my die is on the cardstock and I don't have to tape it down.  So everything lines up perfectly and I don't get tape marks too.

I did add a piece of 100 lbs. cardstock with graph paper adhered on, as a shim for the detailed dies and it worked beautifully.  I know people buy the metal shim but the 100 lbs. cardstock from Michaels works just fine.  I did initially use the magnetic platform with one Sizzix plate and my Adapter plate A to save the other plate for when the cutting plate gets all warped and does not make good contact with the magnetic plate.  It worked but it was a little cumbersome to deal with the different sizes and lining it up.  I decided to spurge and use the other Sizzix plate and they all play so nicely together that I put away my Adapter Plate A.  So now I am using Sizzix magnetic platform with Sizzix plates on my Fiskars Fuse.  I do flip my plates so they would not warp that much.

Hope this helps anyone who is interested in buying a magnetic platform to use with their Fiskars Fuse Creativity System.  Thanks for stopping by.

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