Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bunny Boxes

Hello everyone!  With Easter practically here, I had to make these cute bunnies for my boys and friends.  They were just too cute not to make.  :-D
I used the same Silhouette file for Santa Petal box, but used white cardstock instead of red.  I also drew an oval and used internal offset to create the ears.
I also took the heart shape from this mitten Silhouette file to create the nose.  Then I cut thin strips of black cardstock for the whiskers.  I add googly eyes to the bunnies before adding the nose and whiskers.  
 I curled this bunnies ears with a pen.
 I couldn't find my pom-poms so I made some with some yarn and glued it to the back.
Really easy and fast to make.  Great for filling with chocolate eggs and little trinkets!  

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy crafting!

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